Leverage Mastermind Groups to Spark Action in Your Nutrition Business

29 Mar 2018 2:56 PM | Anonymous

If you have ever dabbled in the world of entrepreneurship, you probably recognize this classic scenario:

Come up with a “brilliant” business idea

Research the heck out of how to make it happen

Run into roadblocks, get frustrated

Go back to what you were doing


Idea overload

As a newbie nutrition entrepreneur, trust me when I say there are no shortage of ideas. In fact the problem for most of us is the complete opposite - having too many ideas but not being able to properly execute on them regularly. We want to help everyone, do everything, be on every social media platform and say yes to every opportunity that comes our way. Sooner or later though, that tends to result in burn out and minimal forward progress. It may feel like you are doing a million things, but doing zero things really well. Can you relate?

Asking for help

This is where mastermind groups come in. In case you are unfamiliar, a mastermind group is basically a group of 3-5 people who all have a similar goal and join forces in the name of support, accountability and exchanging ideas. Groups typically meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and check in on wins and losses with one another among other predetermined things like action items and program launches. It’s a great motivator to stay on top of your goals. After all, who wants to report back to the group the following month with “yeah, I didn’t get around to that”?

Since joining up with two other local biz-minded RDNs, I’ve made more progress in a few months than I did in the previous year and I know I have the group to thank for that. Each month we meet virtually and have really candid discussions on what’s going well, and what could be going better. There are two other professionals with experience unique from our own that are then available and willing to problem-solve as a group.

Want to start a mastermind? Do this first.

If you are interested in building your own mastermind, make sure you have a general goal or business plan in place first. Since everyone has a limited amount of time, you’ll want to have a clear vision going in so the meetings are mutually beneficial for everyone (as opposed to using the time to help one member create an initial game plan).

Once you are ready to get started, you’ll want to join forces with others who are at about the same level as you. Set expectations at the beginning and be sure to have a structured agenda to keep things moving. Dietitians are passionate folks and could chat about all things food and nutrition for hours if there was time for it. You can meet in-person, via phone or video chat, just make sure you stay consistent!

Interested in learning more?

If you have specific questions about initiating or managing your first mastermind group, I would be happy to talk more about my experience. Connect with me for details on an upcoming opportunity for nutrition entrepreneurs who want to join/start their own mastermind group - I can help you get started!

Leanne Ray, MS, RDN is the owner of Leanne Ray Nutrition, through which she offers 1:1 virtual health/wellness coaching, in-person cooking lessons, and nutrition writing and recipe development services. Check out her food blog for simple, plant-powered recipes that even the busiest of people can manage in addition to relatable, science-based articles.

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